AnaMaria Corceanu – HPDI

AnaMaria Corceanu

Marketing Specialist

AnaMaria graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Bristol, specializing in International Business Management. She ingeniously describes her 3-year experience in the UK as a rollercoaster, full of emotions and challenging experiences that changed her life and gave her a holistic understanding of the interconnectivity of the departments of an international business.

Because productivity and passion for learning characterize her, AnaMaria has been juggling various professional experiences since 2018, in areas such as Digital Marketing, Employer Branding, Management Consulting, and Data Analysis. She has also been a mentor and facilitator of interactive learning sessions for first-year students specializing in Management at the University of Bristol, and a volunteer for the British Red Cross. A coffee lover, she also accepted the challenge of being a Barista, an experience through which she developed the ability to connect with people of various nationalities.

AnaMaria is the Marketing Specialist at HPDI. Her responsibilities fall into 2 categories: Social Media Management and Employer Branding. She puts her creativity into action by managing HPDI’s activity and advertising campaigns on Social Media platforms through content and graphic design creation. Because organization and attention to detail are her strengths, AnaMaria is responsible for market, competitors, and trends analysis, as well as website management, including HPDI’s blog section.

An empathetic person with a big heart, she is always ready to help people regain confidence in difficult times. She believes that the ability to be human above all is essential in the development of personal and professional relationships, as well as a healthy work environment. She is guided by the principle “Be good; you never know the battles that others are struggling with. ”

The trailblazer – curious and brave – AnaMaria is always inclined to accept challenges and follow paths that have not yet been pursued. She says the best development strategy is based on a challenge, no matter how small. She also has challenging visions for HPDI: she wants to grow people with the HPDI team both in Romania and abroad, in the most innovative ways possible.

AnaMaria strongly believes that the best investment is in education. She joined the HPDI team due to her desire to transform the world through education, in the way her life was changed through access to quality and up-to-date education.

The motto that guides her is: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer