Maria Crețu – HPDI

Maria Crețu

Marketing Manager

Maria is the Marketing Manager at HPDI. Her passion for marketing began in 2014, a passion that has been constantly sustained since then with experiences in this field. She says about her that she is a digital native, mostly because digital marketing was the first field in which she worked, taking advantage of the emergence and growth of social media channels in Romania. Her specialization goes in two interconnected directions: Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing. She graduated from the Faculty of Marketing within the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and received a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing and Sales Management from the University of Bucharest. Formal education has been constantly doubled by practical experiences and related courses such as Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Graphic Design, and a Masterclass in Brand Management.

In the last 6 years, she has gained marketing experience in various business areas such as Advertising Agency, NGOs, International Associations, Start-up active in the European market, and FMCG, within the market leader in the coffee industry in Romania.

During this period, she initiated and coordinated projects for: branding and rebranding, communication strategy, digital marketing strategy, market analysis, consumer analysis, social media management, paid advertising, strategic business planning, and internal training for marketing teams.

Her diverse knowledge and personality make her an adaptable person who puts personalization first, both in the Marketing position and in the trainer position. She believes that the foundation is the most important component of a project and that without it we cannot have stability, clarity, and progress.

In addition to her dedication to Marketing, Maria graduated from the Train the Trainers course at the Romanian Training Institute in 2015 and has been actively practicing this activity since 2013. In each of her training sessions, you will notice the practical and contextualized approach and attention to detail, and tracking of clear learning objectives. All this is linked to charisma and dedication, thus creating pleasant and effective learning experiences.