Training for Emotional Intelligence development

Why Emotional Intelligence?

According to the Future of Jobs Report for the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence is a key skill required in the 21st century. Most business leaders agree that it is more important than technical skills. It is a significant predictor of performance, leadership, and a growth mindset. In this context, focusing on improving this skill is equivalent to caring about the well-being of the organization.

The emotional intelligence training combines educational components, coaching, supervision, and process facilitation, so that participants have the most relevant experience. Real-life examples of participants, role-playing, and case studies will be used, and theoretical inputs will be provided to emphasize and support the experiences within the sessions.


  • Highlighting the importance of emotional intelligence
  • Awareness and understanding of one’s own emotions
  • Learning techniques for managing one’s own emotions
  • Understanding the impact of emotions
  • Defining and understanding the concept of emotional resilience
  • Emotion decoding techniques
  • Understanding the concept of empathy and its importance in relationships
  • Identifying and managing the emotions of others
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  • HPDI is a team of professionals dedicated to their mission. The courses contain very useful and well documented information.

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