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Mindset Change

Although change is the only constant, it is still one of the daily challenges for both organizations and individuals. The focus is always on managing change, that is, HOW to implement change in the most effective way. Our approach at HPDI is one that goes deep into the subject and starts at the most important point: Motivation.

We bring our own motivational factors into the plan, then ascending a first step toward understanding and internalizing the subject. It is only when we have a strong foundation that we begin to build with theoretical elements present in a practical manner, which will provide participants with a consistent set of tools suitable for navigating change.

Learning Journey

Great leaders don’t simply tell their teams what to do; they lead by example and “walk the walk.” Staff members are much more willing to listen to instructions and respect leadership if their manager is doing the same. We say that habits shape people through personal example, but what behaviours are best for encouraging a strong work ethic, relationship-building, and leadership development? 


  • What are habits, and how to make them work for us?
  • Why do we need habits?
  • What are the ten leadership habits?
  • Discover the needs of the target group
  • Gather information for the preparation of the first workshop

Focus Group – discussing the difficulties encountered, the bottlenecks and situations faced by participants

  • What can I take from the old culture
  • What are the current values of the company
  • What are the values that overlap and how to adjust the other values
  • Discussing an ideal situation
  • Identifying gaps between the current and the ideal situation
  • Identification of solutions to reduce the gap
  • How can the company support the adoption of new values
  • Identify the most appropriate topics for the following two webinars

“Managing a team change is a beautiful process. Or it is a struggle.” Both statements are true depending on the strategy you are addressing. Most of the time, changes bring tears, decreased productivity, and turn teams into groups dominated by fear and resentment. The main causes are: lack of a change strategy, proper communication and misunderstanding of the factors that generate people’s resistance or support this process. But we live in a world of constant change, defined by the very acronym VUCA – volatile, insecure, complex and ambiguous, which centralizes the most defining characteristics of the world.

This training prepares you for a world where change is the only constant, and where your power to adapt makes the difference.

According to the Future of Jobs Report for the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence is a key skill needed in the digital age. Most business leaders agree that this is more important than technical skills. It is an important predictor of performance, leadership and growth mindset. Under these circumstances, being concerned with improving this ability becomes equivalent to worrying about the well-being of the organization

Resilience & motivation training combines educational components, coaching, supervision and process facilitation, so that participants have the most relevant experience. Real examples of participants, role-playing games, case studies will be used and theoretical inputs will be offered to point out and support the experiences they had during the sessions.

  • The HPDI trainers will prepare a report containing both the initial expectations of the participants and the observations of the trainers during the sessions
  • They will be sent to the management team
  • After a few days, the trainers will attend a meeting in which they explain their perspective and establish together with the managers the next steps.
  • Reducing the distance between the management team and the participants
  • The correct setting of expectations
  • Knowledge of the needs of the participants
  • Creating an action plan structured on: transparency, strategy, support, facilitating transition

During the program – gamified mobile app in which participants can communicate, ask questions, receive answers in a confidential manner (participants receive a code name, which changes every time they enter the application). It gives people the opportunity to feel safe to ask questions under the umbrella of anonymity.

Our achievements

Client testimonials:

  • The course helps me to be able to do things differently in order to accept change more easily, but especially to understand others, to empathize, to be there with them, to create the necessary framework, environment and to help them make the change. I am grateful for this experience and will recommend the course further. Thank you very much!