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Masterclass Leading with Engagement

Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

This masterclass by Jim Bagnola provides a comprehensive exploration of what it means to lead with engagement in order to cultivate an inclusive culture. It will explore innovative approaches to creating a work environment that honours and prioritizes the individuality of each team member, as well as ideas for shaping organizational culture to be supportive, equitable, and open to collaboration.

Participants will learn how to encourage positive engagement from all staff, leverage data to promote a more diverse and inclusive team, and develop strategies for adapting to a fast-changing world. You will become a leader for equitable practices and gain the skills necessary to create an atmosphere of trust, empowerment, and belonging.

  • Understanding what it means to lead with engagement and inclusion
  • Strategies for building a positive climate of engagement and respect
  • Facilitating conversation and dialogue on challenges
  • Empowering employees through meaningful engagement and communication
  • Developing engaging opportunities for employee growth
  • Promoting employee ownership through leadership
  • Engaging leadership: setting an example and creating change
  • Identifying and addressing unconscious biases
  • Measuring engagement and establishing goals to reach higher levels of inclusion
  • How to define and understand the concept of ‘inclusion’ in the workplace.
  • How to use diversity and inclusion to create a positive and engaging culture.
  • Best practices for engaging and inspiring employees.
  • How to create a sense of community and trust within the workplace.
  • How to identify and eliminate biases in team dynamics and communication.
  • Strategies to identify, break down, and manage conflicts effectively.
  • How to develop an action plan to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Key accomplishments:

  • Top 30 Guru leaders in the World
  • Worked in 103 countries
  • 35 years of international experience
  • Clients such as NATO, NASA, US Secret Service, Shell, Siemens, etc.
  • Doctor Honoris Causa USAMV Bucharest
  • His book ”Becoming a Professional Human Being” has been published in 20 countries
  • He has been working in Romania for 20 years
  • Key Note Speaker in the GIST initiative with Barack Obama
Jim Bagnola
Jim Bagnola este speaker internațional și executive coach. Este expert în domeniul leadershipului și al body-mind management-ului, cu accent pe influența modelelor de gândire asupra sănătății, fericirii, succesului și capacității de a fi lider. În ultimii patruzeci de ani a susținut prezentări și cursuri în întreagă lume, pe teme de Leadership, Stress Management, Customer Service, Coaching…
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Părerile clienților noștri:

  • Jim Bagnola is an expert in getting to know the people in your business as well as getting to know your business. His experience in business helps him to be the best in his field in creating a marriage between ‘the people’ and the business. He is one of the best in one-on-one executive management development.

    His book, Becoming a Professional Human Being, will give you the feeling of that one-on-one coaching.

    Jon Flora
    Fry’s Division President, The Kroger Company