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About us

Since 2001, we have grown people through everything we do. HPDI is not just a company. We are the sum of all those who have joined us, we are the total of the experiences we have had with the hundreds of companies we have collaborated with. We grew together with tens of thousands of participants in our training, teambuilding and coaching programs.

Looking back, we see a journey full of passion, a lot of work, great people, and programs that have written history in human development. We innovated, we experimented, we failed, and we rose again more aware and more experienced. We have developed training programs, starting from the surrounding reality and not from predetermined recipes.

All because we always wanted what we did to matter.To really matter to us and to those with whom we start our journey. Because when all the big words disappear, we really do one thing: WE GROW PEOPLE!


In an organization, above all, the most important are THE PEOPLE. We all have imperfections, passions, frustrations, desires. We hope, we fear, we have moments of happiness and periods of impasse. We struggle with failure and look for success.

When we talk about the performance of an organization, we are talking about the achievements of the people who shape it. In order to improve concepts such as profit, efficiency, performance, we need to GROW PEOPLE.



At HPDI we do what we do out of passion, and that is only possible through the freedom of being ourselves, real, nonconformist, authentic. The individual expression of each of us ensures that we are first, as our friend Jim Bagnola says, professional human beings.


We don’t just sell services, we sell simplicity, structure, result and connection. We believe that the outcome of any project is due, in large part, to the simplicity it has at its core, and that is because of the secret element: focus. We act like a magnifying glass that passes all the rays of a beam through a single point. We gather the information, structure it and then put the light on what brings impact and development.


Creativity is our superpower, the force that always pushes us towards new paths. Out of the desire to be better and have a bigger impact, we are constantly looking for better solutions and putting growth first.


The contemporary hero is a manifesto for the glorification of the portrait of a leader.

Leaders who lead not through fear, but through trust and motivation, leaders who are not made of stone, but change the world through their vulnerability.

The contemporary hero is the one who puts his shirt on top of his superhero costume in the morning and comes out a little better than yesterday, every day. He is always there, he sees opportunities in the challenges around him, he is modest, honest and authentic. His attention is not just focused on numbers, but on the reality behind them, not just on organizations, but the people who carry them forward.


Petru founded HPDI in 2001, being a pioneer of leadership in Romania and named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

In the same year he began the collaboration with Jim Bagnola, one of the most famous international speakers, HPDI being the exclusive representative of the American trainer in Eastern Europe.

Petru is an entrepreneur with a superpower of his own – vision. He is the founder of 5 businesses and a social business. He is one of the founders of the Leaders Foundation, educating more than 100.000 children and young people in leadership programs. In recent years, he has focused on the activity of executive coach, growing people in the companies he interacts with, but especially in HPDI.