Team – HPDI


We are different and that’s what we like. We bring to the HPDI team expertise from various fields and our style of approach: always open and focused on the needs of the participants. We offer experiences, not lessons.

Corina Goran

The Explorer

Petru Păcuraru

The Visionary
Trainer & Coach

Irina Zecheru

The Architect
Learning Architect, Trainer, Coach

Raul Marina

Senior Trainer

Mădălina Barbu

The Organizer
Senior Project Manager & Trainer

Bogdan Vizitiu

The Shaman
Coach & Trainer

Lucia Cărămidariu

The Entrepreneur
Trainer & Coach

Gina Bulai

The Giver

Mihai Drideanu

The Proactive

Alexandra Giurcă

The Keeper
Finance Manager

Ștefan Văcărașu

The Mediator
Project Manager

Valentina Grigorescu

Learning Ninja
Team Development Coordinator

Maria Crețu

Marketing Ninja
Marketing Manager

AnaMaria Corceanu

The Trailblazer
Marketing Specialist

Adrian Ciubuc

The Team Player
Logistics Coordinator

Florentina Tarlea

The Lioness
Business Developer

Jim Bagnola

Coach, Trainer, Key Note Speaker