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We take digital learning seriously because it’s not just a trend, it’s the future. We invite you to the digital world of HPDI – a space where you will always find the right support, solutions, questions and answers for you. Over 100,000 participants have grown in our offline programs since 2001 and several thousands  have joined us in well structured online learning experiences, with real impact at personal or organizational level.



We believe that education should be about how to think and not what to think. That is why we approach training topics through the prism of our experience and we explore new and new methods of experiential learning and revolutionary ideas.

Our trainers come with many years of hands-on work experience in the areas of the themes they teach, meaning that before they have learned the things taught by them in class, they lived them on their own skin, which gives authenticity to their trainings.



People often forget how much they have learned by playing. But we know that play is the best way to learn and that’s why we’re always looking to bring new things. And, with each group, we learn and use the accumulated experience to create new teambuilding concepts.

Our team consists of over 40 facilitators with at least three years of experience in teambuilding programs. Communication specialists, psychologists, fitness coaches, nutritionists, actors, dancers, we are all happy to offer a memorable experience to our participants.

When it comes to teambuilding, creativity is our superpower.



Petru Păcuraru is an executive coach and author of Let’s team up. This program is based on the Lencionni model and is divided into two directions: Individual coaching and team coaching. The goal is to create a system of values and leadership styles that support organizational or individual evolution. It addresses all levels of business.

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