Corina Goran – HPDI

Corina Goran


Corina is our Executive Director.

She graduated from the Faculty of Business and took advantage of all the opportunities offered by life and the student environment (Work & Travel, Erasmus, Exchange, Volunteering, etc.). Corina firmly believes that education is a lifelong process, hence the passion with which she has been doing things within the team since 2015.

She has over 11 years of experience in organizing events, both developed by her and organized for different HPDI partners.

She loves people and always sees the beauty in them. She believes that each of us has unique personal forces that can make a difference and create a better world, a more conscious world, more anchored in the present.

She is attracted by development methods with direct impact on business objectives, the power of innovation and creativity, and sees diversity of perspectives as a transformational tool.

Corina says that life without high emotions has no color, and the life she wants is by far one “out of the box”.

Her motto is: “Where there is love, there is life!”