Ștefan Văcărașu – HPDI

Ștefan Văcărașu

Project Manager

Stefan is Project Manager and Teambuilding facilitator in HPDI since 2022. From both roles he tries to provide a pleasant, better structured and meaningful experience for the participants. His perspective has both a theoretical basis, with studies in Psychology, and a practical basis, by being trainer in numerous educational programs for young people, both locally and internationally, in the Netherlands and Turkey.

Stefan is a Master in Clinical Psychology, interested in people’s motivations and aspirations, the ways in which they build their identity and mutual influence between the individual and the group. He firmly believes that personal identity is largely due to the groups to which we belong: both through common mission and values, and through essential relationships and authentic differences between members.

For this reason, he resonated with HPDI’s mission to grow people and found meaning in dedicating himself to the processes leading from group to team. His role in the organization is to listen to the needs of the participants and to use the acquired knowledge and previous experiences for them to be fulfilled, thus contributing to the creating teams as well defined as possible and individuals satisfied with the working environment.