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Resolutions, perseverance and small steps

The year has started. The resolutions were written more than a month ago. Have they already been forgotten? If you feel discouraged about some of them, read on.

This scenario has happened to me repeatedly. I did not have any new coaching partnerships until February 1. Which means that everything is lost, I will give up this goal this year. I’ll try next year.

Until I had a conversation with my husband. One day, talking about what we have set out for this year, he realizes that he is behind with a goal. I say, “don’t be discouraged, you’re in the right direction.” To which he, very serene, “Why should I be discouraged? I did not plan to increase my budget in a month. I wanted to get there in a year. It’s not been a year.” I don’t know why, this comment produced a “click” for me.

Many times I wanted to achieve my goals “yesterday.” If not, I would be discouraged. An unhealthy relationship with long-term effort, you will say. Yes, you’re right. What I understood from that brief discussion: Many of our goals are medium- or long-term. In order to reach them, it takes a small and constant step, daily even in their direction. We don’t expect to see results overnight. My husband then added, “It’s like investing. If after an investment, you check the account the next day to see how much money you have and you become discouraged that there are less and you give up the investment, it doesn’t help you. Check in 3 months of constant investment, see where you are versus how much you have set out, and then do something if necessary.”

I know, it’s easier said than done. I think that being a trainer has got a bit into my DNA, it’s easier for me to explain to others than to do it myself???

When I get discouraged, I have 2 tricks.

I think the one that helps me the most is to start doing something (anything) in the direction of the intended goal. Some actions are easy (contacting people, writing articles), others require more effort from me. I can start with something easy, to open my appetite.

The second trick is to remember where I was (emotionally or professionally speaking) a year ago. In some ways, I can see progress. In others, I am unhappy. But hey, I guess if I looked only with admiration at what I was doing, I wouldn’t be as motivated to progress, would I?

What if after 1 month I don’t see results? The results worth checking, up to a point, are the steps taken daily in the desired direction. Want to be promoted in a year? Choose an action every day that you know will bring you closer to your goal.

Sure, at some point, you need to seriously assess what progress you have made. Make sure that the steps you took were worth it and you didn’t “walk in the void.” Test and see what interval suits you.

Great, in summary: Remember your goal or intention daily. But don’t expect to have reached it every day if it’s a goal set for 6 months from now. Check where you are, but don’t be discouraged if you have stagnated. Or maybe you even took a step back. Consider it a necessary step to take the momentum to make another 2 steps forward. And act right now to take a small step forward on your path.

How do you manage to stay on the set path?

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