Our travels can be limited, our meetings can be limited, but never can our spirit be limited. And if the outside world is crazy, our inside world is a beautiful crazyness! And we want to keep it like that. A world like the one in Vama Veche. Crazy, beautiful, unseen, dreamy, turned upside down, a free world. But we need a few leaders to keep it according to our image and likeness.

So, we are holding elections! We are looking for the mayor of Vama Veche. We will divide into teams, and propose candidates. We will create strategies to protect the nudists or to ensure the anchovy flow. We won’t neglect the tradition of the hangover on the pavement, in sanitary safety conditions. We will create an election campaign; we will organize the craziest electoral debate. We will vote according to our dreams and enjoy the free spirit of each other. We will find the things that unite us and we will get rid of the stress.

Our Vama is now … online. We are staying together, and we are building our own free world!

Objectives for this experience:

  • Networking
  • Fun and de-stress
  • Innovation and adaptability
  • Identifying talents in public speaking
  • Organisation
  • Project Management
Our achievements

Client testimonials:

  • It was an interactive session, with elements from the reality of politics, but especially well organized to unite people and discover the skills we were not aware of. The tasks are well structured and their presentation by the trainers is, in a word, professional!