Military Leadership


SIAFS Leadership® is a complex program aimed at teams eager for an unique and intense leadership experience, curious to put themselves in the shoes of military teams on the front lines.


The program aims to develop the core components of a fighter leader’s personality, such as character, temperament, attitude, self-respect and respect for comrades, positive thinking, integrity, empathy, creativity, persuasiveness potential, self-control, communication, adaptability to the unknown, teamwork, courage, authority, adaptability to a hostile environment, the mentality of a winner, and last but not least, responsibility.

Following this program, the cadets will understand what leadership means from the perspective of a Special Forces fighter, what it is like to make decisions for your team members, to take responsibility for failure or to acknowledge their merits when reporting at the end of the mission: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED SUCCESSFULLY!

The program is supported by Raul Marina, trainer and instructor at the European Security Academy (E.S.A.), a former Romanian Special Forces fighter with extensive experience in missions in theaters of operations outside the country.

Leadership objectives for this experience:

  • Applying the role of TEAM LEADER to the 3 critical orientations: TASK/TEAM/INDIVIDUAL;
  • Applying specific actions for the leader role  (defining specific objectives, communicating and monitoring objectives, motivating and developing team members, clarifying expectations, gaining commitment, encouraging and managing change);
  • Applying actions to increase team trust (Capability/ Credibility/ Care/ Generosity);
  • Applying actions that help the team evolve through team stages: FORMING-STORMING-NORMING-PERFORMING;
  • Developing practical leadership skills for team success through respect, personal example, and responsibility
  • Teambuilding Mission Impossible


  • Leadership
  • Development of responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Strategy
  • Adaptability
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Client testimonials:

  • An important contribution to the team’s development! Be just as good, offer us openings for personal and team growth!