Your team forms America's trident commando: Navy Seals.


Surviving when the others give up. Finding the best road. Being ingenious, disciplined, resilient. Learning that all you need is within you. Transforming weaknesses into advantages. Knowing that, no matter what, nobody is left behind. In short, a true Navy Seals training.


Your team forms America’s trident commando: Navy Seals. The sea, air and land wolves have just received their most important mission. You are left in a place isolated from civilization and you will receive a minimum of tools and food necessary to survive. The water is dirty and must be boiled before drinking. You will have to earn the tools you need to light your own fire.

Nature’s whims force you to build a shelter and seek food through the local flora or fauna. The challenges you will receive throughout the program will test each one’s problem-solving ability, capacity to work within a team, dexterity and willpower. Participants will be trained by experts in survival techniques. We turn a day of relaxation into a real exercise of overcoming our own limits. A challenge for the brave, in love with adrenaline and wonderful landscapes. By the end of the program, the most significant reward will be what you will have discovered about your colleagues. Are you ready to be part of the Navy Seals?

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  • O contribuție importantă la dezvoltarea echipei! Să fiți la fel de buni, să ne oferiți deschideri către dezvoltare și creștere atât personală, cât și în echipă!