Alexandra Giurcă – HPDI

Alexandra Giurcă

Finance Manager

Alexandra graduated from the Faculty of Administration and Business, specializing in Administrative Sciences – a discipline complementary to her way of being: organized, thorough, and a perfectionist. She is the one who makes sure everything is ready, the plans are put in place and she has a lot of patience to do that. In the HPDI team, she is the person who manages figures, budgets, and financial formulas.

She considers that her passions give her a balanced vision, so she chooses to develop her creativity through “do it yourself” projects and through “creative writing”. At the same time, she doesn’t say “no” to challenges, and she always likes to try new things.

In addition to the many mathematical formulas, equations, and legislative tools she knows, Alexandra is one of the most technical people on the HPDI team. She is passionate about mysteries, whether they are hidden in stories or software errors. She learns every day, and is a benchmark of innovation and creativity for us, having enough courage and patience to constantly test new activities and solutions.