Irina Zecheru – HPDI

Irina Zecheru

Learning Architect, Trainer, Coach

Irina recommends herself as a person passionate about people and technology. After studying Art History and Psychology, in the country and abroad and after delivering learning experiences for over 12 years, Irina can say with great veneration: “I’m still learning!”.

What can art, training, and coaching have in common? Irina’s answer lies in the words of one of her favorite artists, Paul Klee: “A line is a point that went for a walk”. The line of our transformation is a long line of successive accumulations, marked by stops that make us understand the reason behind the things around us. Whatever the scale of the point, from communication to stress management or leadership, what will remain after these experiences is us, those who have become more and more “adapted” to our travels.

Irina is a CBC accredited trainer and coach. Throughout her career, she has developed her expertise in training delivery, consulting, and content design by being actively involved in increasing the performance, productivity, and creativity of those who participated in her sessions. Due to the openness to different industries and the constant interaction with people with different cultural backgrounds, she has managed to successfully apply different methodologies and techniques, which led to better communication and understanding of the needs of customers and their employees.

Irina has adapted to new technologies by using virtual training tools, video solutions, and applications, ever since technology in learning had barely taken shape. She has developed training materials, induction programs, and processes, making digital learning accessible, concise, and impactful for its users.

Empathetic, efficient, and motivated in every intervention, Irina combines experience with passion. She uses her interpersonal and relational skills, psychological knowledge, and multicultural practice in the corporate area, in building personalized interventions and offering the best educational solutions.