Valentina Grigorescu – HPDI

Valentina Grigorescu

Team Development Coordinator

Valentina joined the HPDI team in 2014 as an ambassador. In 2017, she decided to join us as a Learning Ninja, being a training content creator, coordinator of the team of ambassadors, and part of the administrative department.

She grew up in a family of artists where music was her best friend. She dreamed of herself on stage and followed this dream throughout her childhood studying piano and classical music.

In college, her path and energy took on a different meaning. She joined AIESEC for 4 years, traveled to 2 continents for educational internships, was a trainer, organized leadership conferences, and led an organization in her hometown, Pitesti.

She started her professional career in sales, then created content for soft skills training and team building facilitation.

Even though music and artistic activities have taken a secondary place, she brings her creativity, spontaneity, art, and positive energy in every interaction with colleagues and people around her, trying to be a better person every day.

She likes details, colors, animals, teamwork, and especially teambuilding.

Valentina is the most organized, always having an agenda with clear lists next to her. In her daily life at the office, she is responsible for managing all the materials we use in events, as well as the projects in the organization. She logistically supports HPDI’s entire digital activity through the management of the digital platforms used.

In the training room, we find her delivering themes of emotional intelligence and emotional resilience. Since 2019, she has decided to accept the challenge of incorporating her knowledge into the digital space. She developed content for online emotional intelligence training. Moreover, Valentina is one of the trainers present in the webinars organized by the HPDI team debating topics such as discipline, motivation, intelligence, and emotional resilience or empathy.

When approaching a teambuilding project, she is a speaker, facilitator, and project manager. She also manages our team of ambassadors with many new ideas, being the one who recruits them and helps them to go through the induction process more easily.