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Leader as Coach

Designed for Middle and Top managers

Leader as Coach is a person-centered leadership program designed for leaders who want to maximize the performance of the teams they lead. Leader as Coach uses experiential learning methods through which leaders have the opportunity to practice the coaching approach in their relationship with employees, thus preparing them to take more responsibility, increase resilience in the face of obstacles and become more creative in finding solutions.

The program is suitable for any manager or leader who wants to refresh their approach and build a productive long-term relationship with their team. Delivered by a trainer with experience in leadership programs and certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the program provides up-to-date skills and information, recommended by the most reputable sources in the field.

Learning Journey

Focus groups with decision-makers (to align with the company’s values, vision and strategy), with the managers involved (future participants) and with the employees (future beneficiaries of the coaching-based leadership style)

6 1-day training modules:

  • Coaching as a leadership style
  • The fundamentals of coaching
  • Active presence and listening
  • Partnership for results: Coaching for performance
  • Maintaining results: Long-term performance
  • Full circle: Applying coaching in leadership at the organizational level

Workshops – 3 hours, 2 sessions – in which participants transform the information from the training into concrete strategies

3 coaching sessions / participant with ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coaches

Results for your organization

  • Maximized performance
  • Development of team members and increased autonomy
  • Increased retention
  • Flexibility in thinking and creativity
  • Long-term ROI increased due to accelerated employee development and contribution to organizational culture
Claudia Toderean-Dascalu
Claudia is a coach (ACC), trainer, L&D specialist and certified Project Manager, with over 10 years of experience in non-formal education. After various experiences as a freelancer in training, youth projects and public speaking, Claudia spent a year at one of the best European organizations in the field of personal development experiential training – the…
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