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Master the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is an essential component of adapting new employees to their role and to the company’s values and business philosophy. Beyond the integration and assimilation of new members by the team, the process involves even deeper implications, ensuring their organizational engagement, dedication and retention.

According to recent studies, 2 in 10 employees say they left the company due to a poor integration experience and 37% of employees who left say their manager did not play an important role in supporting the initial integration experience.

In the absence of a well-articulated onboarding process, without adequate procedures to ensure the assimilation of newcomers, companies risk increases in the attrition rate and decreases in productivity.

The HPDI proposal supports the approach of structuring an onboarding program that contributes to building a healthy organizational culture, cultivating teamwork and leadership, while responding to the professional and motivational needs of employees.

Learning Journey

  • STEP 1  – Conceptualization of the process
  • STEP 2 – Preparation of process leaders
  • STEP 3  – Preparation of Angels
  • STEP 4 – Follow-up Process


Each stage consists of a mix of learning tools, chosen according to the outcome of the needs assessment. There are training sessions, workshops, webinars and coaching sessions.

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