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Professional Human Being

The time of the “boss” is over. The era of the Human who leads people still brings surprises and challenges for which no one has prepared us.

What makes the members of a team move forward when others stop? How to see a common destination, when individualism was the main lesson in childhood? What prevents us from seeing things from the perspective of the other? What is the right path when the roads are so varied? How to find the right answer with the help of others? And, perhaps the most difficult question: What profession could contain the answers to all these dilemmas? The answer is, as strange as it is simple: The profession of a Human Being.

In an era where collaboration is defining success, being human means more than the definitions we learn from our school or parents. In addition to the principles of honesty and integrity or honor, such a profession is absolutely necessary when we are running a team and involves understanding how emotions influence our decisions and reactions.

Knowing your own barriers when it comes to managing conflicts and psychological and communication levers that could be used to achieve this goal. The profession of a Human Being involves knowing the fears that come with change and the ways in which they can be overcomed. A delicate, ever-changing profession that ensures the transition from group to team.


  • Personal assessment vs. Evaluation through the perception of others
  • Managing conflict
  • The impact of emotions in decision-making, communication and conflict management
  • Assertive communication, benefits and methods of application
  • Active listening to manage conflicts and increase trust.
  • Solving problems by stimulating collaborative creativity.
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Client testimonials:

  • I have learned new things, things that I will apply to my work as I have to support the team to embrace change easily. The fact that I have some extra tools to help me is great.