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2021 – thank you for the lessons

Isn’t retrospection the best activity you can start the new year with? Not only because we like to summarize our successes, but also because we are a team that learns from mistakes and wants to grow further in 2022.

2021 was, in essence, a very important milestone for the HPDI team – 20 years full of emotions, obstacles and memorable team experiences that motivated us to take our mission forward.

Although statistics are not our favorite subject, we have found that sometimes it can make us smile.

We have grown over 10.000 people in 12 cities in Romania. Navigating the pandemic context hasn’t been easier, but we’ve learned to juggle online and offline better than ever. Being passionate about travel, we did not stop here and ventured with digital programs to new borders, including Poland, Germany, Serbia, Greece, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

We held over 327 training sessions and almost as many coaching sessions. The teambuilding programs most loved by our urban heroes were Mayor of Vama Veche, Tale Heroes and Lipdub.

We have collaborated with more than 70 ambitious companies in industries such as Banking, IT, FMCG and Pharma. Because we do not believe in standard solutions that work for everyone, we have also taken the time to analyze in detail the trends in the top 6 industries we work with.

But all of our achievements are due to our passion for education. We always say with a smile on our faces, “We’re learning too!” because education is a process that never stops. In 2021, we obtained the PCM accreditation and participated in specialized courses of Project Management and Excel.

2021 was generous. We were joined by 4 heroes: Adrian, Stefan, Florentina and AnaMaria, who bring an endless stream of new ideas and perspectives. To stay connected in the digital age, in our teambuilding event we chose to “survive” together with the caravans in the mountains. We leave the interpretation of the pictures below to free imagination!

Of course, we can’t analyze performance without taking an analytical look at the 2 factors that helped us grow people in 2021.

And because there is no better way to end the year, we gathered together with our friends from Hilti, at the longest and most complex hybrid event: 10 hours with over 100 participants, both in Sibiu and online.

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