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3 tips to embrace change

Where are you on the scale of change lovers, from “totally paralyzed” to “I want more!”? I have always liked change to some extent, but I have often hit a wall of fears and frustrations, generated by the difficulty of understanding the whole process and, above all, where it stops.

It wasn’t until I started looking at it from different perspectives that I managed to develop the right mindset. Instead of perceiving it as something I should do, because that’s what successful people do, I decided to accept that I am co-creator of my life with it.

Here are three tips that have supported my process of accepting change:

1. The unknown is always there

Accepting the unknown is a long journey of learning, because change is always there. But it is also an essential factor in human evolution. One way I overcame my fear of the unknown was to understand that in those moments of my life, my beliefs are extremely strong. I can believe that change is good for me, or that it is a constant obstacle that I fear and that it is impossible to go through, and in both cases I am right.

2. Every change has its value

We are human and being human means we don’t do things simply for the sake of doing them. We need purpose, value, or benefit from our actions. Most of the time, we are reluctant to accept or initiate a change because we fail to see beyond the challenges it brings. Whether it’s a new job or a new organizational structure proposed by the CEO of the company you’re working at, a simple moment of awareness of the value behind a change is perhaps the most important step in the journey to acceptance.

3. Even if it is unknown, I am responsible for the final result

Sure, I subconsciously believe that the universe is doing magic in my favor, giving me opportunities in the form of challenges. However, it was crucial for me to understand that I am an important part of the process and the one that actually takes the steps to navigate through the inevitable change. None of us visualize and then immediately jump to the desired result. We get there through a series of tiny actions and adjustments that add up over time. Therefore, even though the end result is unknown to me, in reality, I shape the journey by being present and taking those actions step by step, as I think appropriate.

As I like to say: Fortunately, nothing remains unchanged. When you accept the inevitable, and the fact that any change means an evolution that you can control with the right mindset, you can take out the helping wheels that hold your progress in place, and you can enthusiastically get on your bike to start your journey into the unknown.

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