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Why Challenger Sale?

Customers want to be satisfied and choose services and products to achieve this feeling, constantly raising expectations. At the same time, consultants are increasingly saying that they face greater resistance to buying, change and dialog from clients.

With offers increasingly complex and customers getting access to more and more information well before the sale, it is clear that the traditional sales approach no longer works. The Challenger Sales perspective is based on developing the skills of the seller, on its ability to provide information about an yet unidentified customer problem, or on its ability to see opportunities in the customer’s business, providing individual, personalized support.


  • Identify your own sales style and adapt it to different customer types
  • Understand and practice the 5 steps in the Challenger process
  • Approach differences of perspective as opportunities and not obstacles to selling
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Client testimonials:

  • An informative training, conducted in an interactive atmosphere, where you can find useful techniques and methods with practical examples.

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