Training for building your personal brand image


We live in the age of image, in the age of information, in which the first contact of any potential customer, partner or collaborator begins in the online environment. We are before a dialog, a discussion or a presentation, a picture.

How do we make it speak of us exactly to our own convictions?

A brand is a network of associations with a brand name in a person’s brain.

Brands are parts of information, meanings, experiences, emotions, images, and intentions interconnected through different power neural connections.


  • Knowledge of the steps of building personal branding and their use
  • Understanding the concepts of branding in general and personal branding
  • Assimilation of tools and strategies for building and/or improving personal branding
  • Carrying out self-assessments to build a medium and long-term plan using clear objectives


1.  Defining the concepts

  • What is a brand?
  • What is a personal brand?
  • The difference between personal and organizational branding

2.  Knowledge of the subject

  • The utility of building a personal brand
  • Who do we turn to when we want to build a personal brand (exterior mirror)?
  • How does our personal brand look like at the moment (individual)?

3.  Aplicability

  • The stages of building your personal brand
  • The stages of building a professional brand
  • Up-grade
  • Strategies for creating and/or improving the brand
  • Developing a medium- and long-term plan
Maria Crețu
Maria is the Marketing Manager at HPDI. Her passion for marketing began in 2014, a passion that has been constantly sustained since then with experiences in this field. She says about her that she is a digital native, mostly because digital marketing was the first field in which she worked, taking advantage of the emergence…
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