Leadership Training


Authentic leadership is an act of balancing personal values, organization values and your mission. You will not learn to be Steve Jobs or Nelson Mandela to lead your team, but you will learn that your leadership model is the best. You will find that being a leader is a skill that you can and will develop by following a few basic steps and by constantly working on it. Introvert or extrovert, manager or not, experienced or unskilled, we can all become leaders followed by others if we manage to practice the authentic model of personal leadership.


  • Acquire information about motivating and managing the people in your team
  • Adjust your leadership style, but also your personal style according to each situation
  • Understand and apply the power of authentic leadership
  • Trust management: models and influence in the organization
  • Increase personal confidence, leadership skills and, indirectly, personal and professional satisfaction through successful people management
  • Understanding and developing the coaching component through leadership, at your team’s level


  1. Identify the values of the team you are part of
  • Leader/follower dynamics
  • The principles of authentic Leadership – case Studies and role-playing
  • Dynamics and synchronization
  • Leadership = partnership
  • Your life for effective leadership
  • Leader as coach
  • The coaching component of leadership
  • How to do effective coaching
  • Coaching + feedback = performance
  • Good coaching practices
  1. Motivation
  • Motivation of employees and impact on behavior and efficiency
  • How to personalize your motivational efforts for each individual and situation
  1. Authenticity
  • What defines us as values?
  • How to become authentic
  • Context is king
  1. Trust Management
  • What is trust and how does it affect our performance?
  • Maintaining integrity under pressure
  • Trust models and how to integrate them into organizational culture
  1. Leadership 360 Assessment (HPDI Certified Tool)
  • Individual assessment according to the Leadership 360 tool
  • Assessment of leadership typology, after 10 performance indicators
  • Discussions about this evaluation, features, scoring
  1. Action Plan
  • Develop a plan to apply everything you have learned in the organization
  • Identify the people who can help you with your plan
Petru Păcuraru
Petru graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He has completed a Master’s degree in Project Management at Kenessaw State University in the United States, and the Aspen Institute – Young Leaders Program. He is the founder of HPDI (Human Performance Development International, consultant, and coach in executive…
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