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Why go with your team in a Teambuilding

Team building is an effective tool when you want to develop an organizational culture based on teamwork, but also to motivate employees in a fun way. In addition, it also helps participants to get to know each other and increase the level of trust at the team level.

If you are still wondering why you should go with your team to a teambuilding here are some reasons:

Builds trust

When we were young, our parents taught us not to talk to strangers, and this habit we also kept subconsciously as adults. Often, the colleagues we see only in the office lobby or whose name we hear exclusively in meetings are strangers to us. A few days with them in a team building can help you get to know them better and break the formal barrier created together. If during team games you manage to build a relationship based on trust, this will also translate into the workplace.

If you’re a team manager, you’ve surely noticed the impact that a simple out-of-office activity can have on your team: people collaborate more effectively, have increased confidence in the team, and are motivated to work with colleagues. A team culture based on trust encourages team members to be more authentic, to accept their strengths and weaknesses more easily, increases engagement and proactivity, leads to vulnerability and ultimately to the psychological safety of the workplace.

Facilitates a better communication process

All team games are communication-based, so participants unconsciously find an effective way to communicate with the rest of their teammates in various scenarios. And if we take this process and apply it to the workplace, successful communication is only a step away. With clear and effective communication, each team member understands their role and contribution to the success of the team and, above all, understands the role of each colleague, which leads to greater involvement and increased collaboration on various tasks and challenges.

Connects remote teams

Over the past 2 years, remote teams have become more and more present, and this means that in team building people who have seen each other only in online meetings now have the opportunity to connect in a more personal way. And personal connections have direct effects on collaboration and communication.

Develops creativity

If you want your team to come up with creative ideas about professional issues, a team building may be the right place for informal brainstorming. The atmosphere of the event encourages thinking out of the box and creativity. Such a scenario allows the extraction of good ideas for the team and business.

Promotes health

Typically, team building events include outdoor activities that enhance physical and mental health. Participants receive outdoor challenges, different from those encountered at work, as well as fun and physical activities. These activities promote teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking. 

Develops the culture of the team

Team building activities help the organization improve its culture. When employees communicate and work in teams, team performance increases, conflicts are mediated effectively, and psychological safety is guaranteed. Such an event motivates the team by recognizing individual and team successes and performances, helping to identify ingredients for success. By creating great team memories, you manage to promote a healthy culture of teamwork.

If somehow the above reasons do not convince you, we can also mention attracting talents, increasing engagement and employer branding.

And if you are convinced, #letsgointeambuilding!

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