Support pillars in an uncertain world


The world, as we know it, seems to be falling apart. The people around us are hardly tried, and we cannot remain indifferent to what is happening. Are the results of studies conducted in recent years, which state that emotional intelligence is one of the key factors in the role of leader, still valid? What do you think, has managing our emotions become irrelevant or is it even more important than it was before?

As a leader, it is our role to provide inspiration, help and a guide to navigate these troubled times. Nothing has prepared us for what we are living today, all we can do is adapt. That is why we propose an interactive session, in which we can “polish” our instruments with which we can make the symphony of the team still sound harmonious.


  • Understanding the ingredients of an emotionally agile leader.
  • Developing the management and control of emotions.
  • Deciphering the emotions of others.
  • Testing our own emotional resilience.
  • Using emotionally intelligent language with a positive impact on the relationship and the outcome.


  • Study regarding the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership
  • Every leader needs to know this about emotions: A new paradigm
  • Daniel Goleman and the ingredients of Emotional Agility
  • When does a leader need to control their emotions? What is the impact?
  • The difference between managing emotions and controlling them
  • 3 ways to decipher the emotions of team members
  • The Connor-Davidson resilience scale
  • Scenario: How do you respond to a strong emotion?
  • 2 simple steps to using emotionally intelligent language
  • Bonus: How to increase the emotional resilience of team members