Behind the screens are the same people


This training is aimed at managers and team leaders who have to manage a team that works more and more from home or from different cities or countries. Although it is vital and practiced by people every day, communication still hides pitfalls generated by changes in society and business. Today you can no longer speak of effective communication without combining technology with psychological aspects, anthropology with social disciplines.

The training provides solutions for communication efficiency, taking into account the challenges of the digital era, the psychological profile of the generations who use it, the human, social and business experiences that are foreseen in the next period.


  • Adapting the communication according to the communication channels used.
  • Creating solid relationships based on understanding emotional resources.
  • Develop the ability to give effective feedback.
  • Find the best communication channels for different situations.
  • Knowledge of methods of effective structuring of information.
  • Avoid frequent communication pitfalls.


  • Distance communication needs trust. How do we build it?
  • How do we avoid conflicts caused by distance communication?
  • How do we stimulate our empathy and that of others through communication?
  • How do we structure information based on importance?
  • How do we streamline communication times (tools and procedures)?
  • How do I check the correct understanding of the information?
  • How do we give feedback quickly and efficiently?
  • How do I choose whether to talk by email, videocall, phone call or chat?