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Decisions under pressure

Choices made in the virtual world with effect in the real world


We are faced with making decisions every day. Most of them are small, we call them choices because it’s simpler, and we take them based on inertia and daily habits. But when everything changes, every choice becomes an important decision, and the unknown puts pressure on us without having anything to relate to. In this webinar we ground the decisions we make, understand how emotions influence our thinking, and define the role of fear in our choices.


  • You distinguish emotion from reason in the decision you are about to make.
  • You ground your decisions on a US Airforce model.
  • You will find yourself in the 20 behavioral traps (cognitive biases).


  • Speed vs quality in decision-making
  • Delay vs hurry
  • How can you ensure that your decisions are respected in the organization?
  • Fighting organizational preconceptions and inertia
  • Building an agile organizational way of thinking
Petru Păcuraru
Petru graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He has completed a Master’s degree in Project Management at Kenessaw State University in the United States, and the Aspen Institute – Young Leaders Program. He is the founder of HPDI (Human Performance Development International, consultant, and coach in executive…
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