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Customer Experience (CX) Training


The seller-customer relationship has gone beyond the product boundaries on a much more personal level. From a sociological point of view, human relations have evolved at a galloping pace, but the shorter time, the more urgent and diversified needs create gaps in this complex process called seller-buyer.

Customer First training is one of the smartest investments for your company. Providing employees with a “customer-centric” training leads to increased customer loyalty, employee retention, and strengthening the company’s image.


  • Awareness of the importance of customer service
  • Developing the skills needed in the customer care process
  • Shortening the time needed to serve customers by developing listening skills and improving interrogation techniques
  • Knowing how to decrease the number of call-back requests through improving the ability to clearly explain the next step in a process


  • Introduction to customer care
  • First impressions matter
  • Conduct and excellence in customer care
  • Excellence in communication
  • Memorable experiences
Jim Bagnola
Jim Bagnola is an international speaker and executive coach. He is an expert in leadership and body-mind management, with a focus on the influence of thinking patterns on health, happiness, success and leadership. Over the past 40 years he has delivered presentations and courses around the world on Leadership, Stress Management, Customer Service, Coaching and…
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