Emotional Management Training


Each of us is exposed daily to experiences, feelings, emotions. Some of them leave an extremely strong imprint on our behavior, while others push us toward reactions that can end up affecting our teams. In this training, we will discuss how to understand these emotions, accept them and use them only in the direction of the development of our own personality.


  • Assess and become aware of your own emotional resilience traits and how to act in pressing situations.
  • Awareness of the influence that resilience has on motivation, performance, relationships and health
  • Acquire attitudes, behaviors, and skills that can increase resilience
  • Build a personal Resilience Action Plan that includes others


1.  Concept and definition

  • The concept of emotional resilience at the macro and micro scale
  • Similarities and differences between emotional resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Explain the emotional and psychological point of view on emotional resilience
  • Dimensions of resilience: Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional

2.  Internal and external causes and factors

  • Assessment of internal and external factors
  • How these factors affect the 4 dimensions of resilience
  • Self-assessment of personal resilience

3.  Adaptation strategies

  • The ability to make realistic plans and take action to carry them out – a positive way of thinking and trusting your own forces and abilities
  • The ability to manage very strong feelings and impulses
  • Let us try to look “as observers” at crises and pressing situations

4.  Recognition, regulation and planning

  • Reaching in-Reaching out method
  • Ways to regulate feelings in crisis situations
  • Acceptance and understanding of the introduction of emotional resilience into everyday life
  • Breaking protective behaviors such as avoidance and compensation
  • Development of an action plan
Gina Bulai
Gina has been a trainer since 2008. She attended the Faculty of Psychology, started working in HR, took a 4-year specialization in group psychotherapy, and later discovered training and her passion for lifelong learning. Since 2019, she is a coach in training, practicing the Solution Focused Coaching method. As a trainer, she has worked with…
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Client testimonials:

  • It made me become more easily aware of critical situations and what I can learn from them, how to focus on solutions and how to work more on the balance side.

  • It was a very interesting and up-to-date session. The information we receive helps us better manage how we react to things we cannot control and create new techniques of action.