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Creative problem solving

Training for out of the box thinking and increasing performance


Special problems require ingenious solutions. Creativity and innovation are essential in such cases. The tools of this course teach participants how to discover the true sources of problems, how to identify objectives that are important, how to follow the steps of effective brainstorming, what resources are needed and how to go from idea to success.

Innovation is the essential condition for performance. This training turns the concept of creativity into an easy-to-use tool to move to the next level of performance.


  • Learning a variety of tools and techniques to respond effectively to challenges
  • Identify the real sources of problems and generate new solutions
  • Knowledge of the methods of generating creative ideas in teams
  • Facilitating the innovation process within their own teams, when faced with specific problems or complex challenges
  • Identify the resources needed to implement the solutions found
  • Knowledge of the tools needed to achieve innovative ideas from A to Z


  1. Applied thinking in creative problem solving
  • explore the challenge, generate the idea, prepare for action
  • dynamic balance of creativity (convergent/divergent method)
  • the environment needed for creativity
  • essential conditions for stimulating creativity
  1. CPS Method
    • principles
    • decisions
    • strategy
    • creativity through role play
  1. Correct definition of problems
  • ways to discover the source of challenges
  • positive problems
  • the technique of the four “I”
  • selection on the principle of importance, definition of purpose
  1. Ideas generation
  • brainstorming, brainwriting, value selection
  • visual connections and redefinition
  • ideas evaluation matrix
  • PPCO tool (provisioning and hazards)
  • support elements

5. Development of the action plan

  • sources of help vs. obstacles
  • dividing actions by stages and people
  • planning, evaluating the achievement of objectives


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