Training for developing feedback skills

Why Efficient Feedback?

The feedback process is crucial in an organization for achieving performance and developing behaviors that align with the values and organizational culture. In this process, development objectives, valuable competencies, and skills to be improved can be established.

Research shows that a 3:1 ratio is the minimum of positive feedback interactions to one constructive feedback interaction, for the professional relationship between a manager and an employee to be perceived as correct and for the feedback to be implemented. In this light, how we prepare and approach the feedback discussion can be one of the most important steps in establishing a trustworthy and growth-oriented professional relationship.

This feedback training combines educational components, coaching, supervision, process facilitation to provide participants with the most relevant experience.


  • Highlighting the importance of the feedback process
  • Understanding active listening
  • Emphasizing feedback receiving principles
  • Practicing feedback skills
  • Clarifying the types of feedback