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Transformational Leadership

From Hero to Human


Transformational leadership helps transform team members into individuals who transcend their own interest in the benefit of the group or organization. Transformational leaders have altruistic ideals and align their principles and values with those of the organization, group or even society.

Transformational leadership drives those who are driven to exceed expected performance and achieve higher levels of satisfaction and devotion to the group and organization. The transformational leader understands that productivity is closely related to satisfaction and a healthy work environment, an open and participatory environment.


  • Understanding the mechanisms by which a leader generates essential transformations of itself, its employees and, implicitly, of the organization to which it belongs.


  • What is Transformational Leadership?
  • Why do organizations need transformational leaders?
  • How to become a transformational leader?
  • Characteristics of transformational leadership
  • Development of influence beyond formal authority
  • The most common mistakes in organizational change
  • The consequences of poor change management
  • The 7 most important recommendations to facilitate the process of change in an organization
Jim Bagnola
Jim Bagnola is an international speaker and executive coach. He is an expert in leadership and body-mind management, with a focus on the influence of thinking patterns on health, happiness, success and leadership. Over the past 40 years he has delivered presentations and courses around the world on Leadership, Stress Management, Customer Service, Coaching and…
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