Project Coordination Training

Why Project Management?

“The P in PM is as much about People Management as it is about Project Management.” (Cornelius Fichtner)

Project management involves organizing, planning, leading, coordinating and evaluating the activities and resources needed to achieve a specific goal, while framing the project in time and budget.


  • Understand the difference between business objectives and those of a project
  • Developing a strategy for the success of the project management activity (prioritization, delegation)
  • Fair distribution of each task – WBS (Work Break-down Structure)
  • Organizing a project by taking into account time intervals, resources, risks and quality
  • Knowledge of the steps and existing areas of project management


  1. What we mean by project and its management.
  2. Definitions, examples, the overall picture of the concept.
  3. Steps/Stages of project management
  • Initiation (important actors, stakeholders, stages)
  • Planning/organizing
  • Execution/construction
  • Control/evaluation
  • Completion of the project/delivery of the project
  • Post-project evaluation
  1. Project Manager
  • Role, skills, tasks, manager vision (coordination, resource management, motivation, delegation, follow-up, etc.)
  1. WBS –  Work Break-down Structure
  • Definitions, examples, stages of WBS
  1. Resources and budget management
  • Each project has specific resources and budgets. At the planning stage of the project, the project manager must estimate the necessary resources and not exceed them. A very important resource that every manager needs to take into account is the human one, which needs motivation and coaching throughout the entire project.
  1. Risk Management
  • How can any risk be anticipated and how can the best solutions be identified?
  • How to prevent risks that are not in our control
  • Quality management and project delivery
    Each project requires quality management, and it must correspond exactly to the commitment.
  • Defining the concept, setting standards and achieving them
  1. Agile methods applicable to project management
  • 2 daily meetings
  • standing sessions
  • coaching
Mădălina Barbu
Madalina is a trainer, team building facilitator, MC at events, and senior project manager for HPDI programs where she always manages to bring energy and a good spirit. She has vast experience in working with teams since 2006 and is also an accredited trainer in the Belbin methodology – Team Roles. In addition to her…
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